My Bigly Statement About Faith

Many people are talking about The Faith of Donald J. Trump.  In fact, when I went over to Hamburger to meet those G20 people –– 20 countries, people. That’s bigly! –– you know it’s what everyone was talking about.  But here’s something you don’t know: Angela Merkel stopped me and said, “When will we see your book?”  I had to call up some people to find out.  I think my good friend, John Bannon, knows.  I definitely talked to him.  And the book comes out in January.  And it’ll be a great and beautiful book.  And that’s what I told Angie: “It’s a great, big, beautiful book.”  Then I gave Ivanka a chair so she could talk with Angie and Terry and President Ping.  But this is a huge, huge honor, and it makes me feel humble and proud.  And did you know I’m really a humble guy?  Like the Pope?  I mean, I don’t want to brag, but I’m humbler than Pope Francis.  And why does he have a girl’s name?  I’d never name my son Francis.  But Frank is a good name.  A great name!  An American name!  Frank Trump.  I like the sound of that.  My next son will be named Frank.  Melania is getting old, so I might have to trade her in. I mean, let’s be honest folks, I don’t think she could have a son named Frank. She’d never have a daughter named Francis.  But Frank is a good name.  Tiffany is too.  And Tiffany is going to college.  And have you seen her?  Talk about some kind of beautiful!  Wow!  I can’t tell you how much that’ll help her out in college.  And they have a lot of books in college.  Did you know that?  Maybe she’ll read my book in college.  That would be a good book. But I don’t read many books.  I don’t need to.  I’ve got common sense, people, common sense.  And I’m really, really smart.  But I love the uneducated, too.  So read my book, or don’t read my book –– you don’t have to read my book –– but buy my book.  That’s all I want you to do.